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Penguins that play hockey.

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pittsburgh-sports ||| favorite crosby quotes
(it’s fun to read them right to left)

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so my mom was just in pittsburgh visiting her friends and her one friend told her that she sees Sid all the time.

apparently he likes cracker barrel and he and Tanger like to run around Dick’s with the headsets of the employees and just talk to each other when they’re on opposite sides of the store.

i miss my captain.

never forget

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October 29th, 2009.

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Sidney Crosby: Bothered By Wrist Injury


Sidney Crosby: Bothered By Wrist Injury

Sidney Crosby: GM Jim Rutherford acknowledged Wednesday that Crosby is dealing with a right wrist injury, but indicated that it has yet to be determined whether the star center will require a procedure to address the issue, the team’s official site reports….


Numbers for the new Penguin members.

Thank the lord for post game interviews

Pittsburgh Penguins: *sign Steve Downie*
Penguins fans: Shit.
Steve Downie: There will not be liberties taken against our star players in Pittsburgh
NHL: Shit.

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