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Penguins that play hockey.

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post game, 10/1/14.

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NHL stars make their preseason predictions for who will win the Hart Trophy.

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kappy gets his first goal! then has to wait while they actually give it to him

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I love how most things in hockey can be solved with a bum tap from your teammate

-took a penalty? *bum tap* 

-Broke your leg? *bum tap* 

-Got in a fight? *bum tap* 

-Missed an open net? *bum tap* 

-A lil sad? *double bum tap* 

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Penguins Unveil New Third Jersey (x)

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Pittsburgh Penguins’ Season Tickets Delivery: featuring children!

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9/15/2014 Sidney Crosby made a special visit to the Bianchin family home to deliver their Pittsburgh Penguin season tickets

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Got a little distracted shopping online for my brother’s birthday present.


geno and ovie are having a great time together

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Pittsburgh Penguins ⇒ nicknames

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in a shocking lapse in amazon security, the wishlists of several high profile hockey players have been released.

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Evgeni Malkin ALS ice bucket challenge