What Maatta's Most To Me?

A Hockey Team: Squid, Lazy, G, Ice Man, Koon, Sunshine, Kitty, Juice, Paulie, Free Candy, Flower, The Piece, Tuna, Flat Stanley, Harvard, Glasser, Voky, Eggo, JoeV, Bortz, Tishy, Megnatron, Gibby, Pyzee, and Disco Dan.

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actual fetus!sid (◕‿◕✿) 

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sid + baseball

Well, that’s unfair.

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As the Penguins prepare for the playoffs, their goal is to reach the top of the mountain, something they’ve been preparing for since training camp.

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Anonymous asked: Fuck the Pens

I’d love too

Anonymous asked: Is Sidney Crosby gay? I'll stop asking if u answer

His boyfriend is Evgeni Malkin

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Sid on if he or Jack Johnson would win in a fight. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that! [x]